‘Shocking’ toll of women killed by men renews call for safe spaces

Women’s Aid census shows nine out of 10 victims were murdered by someone they knew.

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Law Soc publishes behavioural research of consumers choosing divorce services

Price comparison particularly difficult in respect of family law disputes.

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14,000 new cases of FGM in two years highlights scale of the challenge: LGA

20 cases recorded in last quarter where the procedure was undertaken in the UK.

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Select Committee examines proposed HFEA order to remedy discrimination against single parents

Call for submissions on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (Remedial Order) 2018.

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Concern over adopter numbers as figures show ‘no continued decline’ in adoptions

Adoption decisions and placement orders have stabilised since landmark court judgements caused a slump, the Adoption Leadership Board has said.

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Financial Remedies Courts should lead to ‘greater predictability’

Legal experts believe new Financial Remedies Courts should provide claimants and respondents with greater predictability, when resolving financial claims on relationship breakdown.

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Justice minister pours cold water on growing calls to fund early legal advice

The government yesterday damped down hopes that it would consider funding greater access to early legal advice.

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MoJ scraps legal aid restrictions for victims of domestic violence

New rules removing time limit and allowing admission of fresh categories of evidence will come into force in January.

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Social worker to take legal claim over impact of ‘unfair’ criticism from judge to European Court

The social worker was given permission to disclose documents relating to her case to the European Court of Human Rights.

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Single parent surrogacy – remedial order goes to Parliament

Law likely to be changed in 2018.

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President's circular: Financial Remedies Courts

Circular released by the President on 1 December 2017 in which he proposes to pilot the FRC in three places starting in February 2018.

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Children removed from family home over parents’ 'open' relationship

West Midlands social workers told court the parents each saw other people and found it hard to supervise their children.

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Practice Guidance: Standard Financial and Enforcement Orders

President ‘strongly encourages’ use of standard forms.

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Supreme Court President launches Jewish Family Life and Customs booklet

Board of Deputies brings 2006 booklet up to date.

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Ex-wife of cheating travel boss demands share of his earnings on top of £10m payout

The ex-wife of a travel boss who had multiple affairs is demanding a share of his future earnings on top of a £10m divorce payout, the Court of Appeal has heard.

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30% of private law cases have been to court before: Cafcass research

Research investigates reasons for cases returning.

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Surrogacy and IVF cases put the courts under pressure, says senior judge

IVF and surrogacy cases are putting the courts under pressure, a High Court judge has said, as he urged an update to legislation.

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4,000 women and children fleeing domestic abuse will be locked out of refuges under government proposals, warns charity

Plans announced by Theresa May to place councils in charge of ring-fenced supported housing funds could see more than a third of refuges across England forced to close down.

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Age limit of children attending FHDRAs at CFC

HHJ Tolson QC has agreed for this Note to be shared with practitioners.

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Judge highlights 'wholly inadequate' care provision for troubled teen

Another High Court judge has used a ruling to highlight inadequacies in state provision for a troubled and dangerous teenager.

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Legal aid cuts shown up as false economy - new research

Research published today by the Law Society adds to growing evidence that the government’s legal aid cuts have been a false economy.

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Millions of couples at severe financial risk due to ‘common-law marriage' myth

Millions of unmarried couples living together are unaware that they are at severe financial risk as a result of the current legal system, national family justice organisation Resolution has warned.

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