Difficulties in recruiting to District Bench "to have adverse consequences" for civil, family jurisdictions: Lord Chief Justice

The Lord Chief Justice has warned of “a very worrying shortfall” in the recruitment of salaried members to the District Bench this year, saying that it will have adverse consequences for the family and civil jurisdictions.

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Child maintenance arrangements made after speaking to CM Options, data up to August 2019

Preliminary estimates of the Child Maintenance outcomes of parents following contact with Child Maintenance (CM) Options.

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Concerns raised about Calderbank offers being used to assess litigation conduct

Reservations have been expressed about plans to change the rules for determining costs at the end of family proceedings.

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Domestic abuse 'biggest threat to child protection'

Domestic violence, family conflict and drink and drug abuse are the biggest drivers of the rise in child-protection cases in England, says the Local Government Association.

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Family Law Week Weekly Podcast Episode 1

A round-up of family law news from the past week and an in-depth look at recent cases hosted by Rachel Cooper, counsel, Coram Chambers.

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Tort of deceit can exist between husband and wife

Claims ‘fundamentally incompatible’ with Court’s consideration of MCA s25.

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Judge criticises council for breaching duty of disclosure when making streamlined application for authorisation of deprivation of liberty

A council has been criticised by a Court of Protection judge for breaching the duty of full and frank disclosure when it made an application under the streamlined procedure for authorisation of a deprivation of liberty.

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Judge concludes girls were not systematically abused by members of paedophile ring

A judge has concluded that three girls were not systematically abused by members of a paedophile ring after an “unprecedentedly complex” High Court investigation.

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President of the Family Division: Guidance as to reporting in the Family Courts

The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has issued the latest guidance for reporting in the Family Courts.

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