Judge sets out limits of using ‘inherent jurisdiction’ to deprive liberty in gang member case

Court turns down council's attempt to detain 17-year-old involved in gang violence and believed to be at risk of attack.

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Judges overturn 'forced abortion' ruling

A woman has won an appeal against a court ruling that would have seen her mentally ill daughter forced to have an abortion.

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Judge gives doctors go-ahead to abort vulnerable woman’s baby

A judge has given doctors the go-ahead to perform an abortion on a pregnant mentally-ill woman.

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McFarlane tells family lawyers: don't do more than a full day's work

Tweets highlighting unreasonable judicial behaviour are likely to be referred to local leadership judges, the president of the family division has warned, after reading two social media posts last weekend about judges.

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Family Justice Panel update

Panel members confirmed to steer call for evidence on how the family courts protect children and parents in cases of domestic abuse and other serious offences.

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Doctors ask Court of Protection judge to approve abortion for mentally-ill woman

Doctors want a judge in a specialist court to allow them to perform an abortion on a mentally-ill woman who is 22 weeks pregnant.

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Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill: What does research tell us?

The Nuffield Foundation has published a new briefing note, authored by Professor Liz Trinder, ahead of the second reading of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill which is scheduled in the House of Commons on Tuesday 25 June.

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Extension of the Financial Remedies Courts project to 8 new zones is a success

Today, Wednesday 19th June 2019, a press release was issued from the Judiciary of England and Wales, written by Mr Justice Mostyn acting as the National Lead Judge for the Financial Remedies Courts project.

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Judge rejects application by Official Solicitor for council to pay costs in s.21A proceedings

A Court of Protection judge has rejected an application by the Official Solicitor (OS), acting as litigation friend, for the London Borough of Harrow to pay its costs in proceedings under Section 21A of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

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Woman who has had seven children taken away is pregnant again, judge told

A woman who has had seven children removed from her care is pregnant again, a family court judge has been told.

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President issues guidance on forms of order in children cases

The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has published guidance on Forms of Orders in Children Cases, for judicial and practitioner's information.

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Campaigners call for shared parenting presumption in the law

Campaigners for shared parental rights have called for a presumption in law that children will spend roughly equal time with their parents following a separation or divorce, after a YouGov survey suggested the majority of the public agrees.

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Two-year-old who needed major surgery after stepfather attack to live with father

A two-year-old boy who needed major surgery after being kicked and punched by a man his mother lived with should move to his father’s home, a High Court judge says.

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Man gets suspended jail term for online post identifying children taken into care

A man whose children were taken from his care has been given a suspended nine-month jail term by a judge after posting material online which identified the youngsters.

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Social workers halt four-year attempt to teach young mother parenting skills

Social workers have halted a four-year attempt to teach a woman who gave birth when she was a teenager how to be a good parent.

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New care applications received by Cafcass in May fell by 11 per cent

Cafcass received a total of 1,152 new care applications in April – 11.5 per cent lower (149 applications) than in the same month last year.

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New private law cases received by Cafcass in May up by 8 per cent year-on-year

Cafcass received a total of 3,950 new private law cases in May – 8.5 per cent (311 cases) higher than the same month last year.

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End to divorce ‘blame game’ moves closer

Biggest shake up of divorce laws in 50 years aimed at reducing conflict and supporting children and families.

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Expected implementation date for DoLS replacement model announced by care minister

Liberty Protection Safeguards due to come into force in October 2020, though existing Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards authorisations will remain in place until they expire.

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Disabled man blinks at judge to tell him he wants to be allowed to go home

A severely disabled man who communicates through blinking has won his court case to leave hospital and live at home.

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Social services halt family court case after experts say baby injury was accident

Social services bosses have halted family court proceedings against the parents of an injured baby after specialists concluded that the little boy had probably been accidentally hurt.

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