Court orders return of 'shaken' baby to parents

Judge rules local authority has not proved case for care order on nine-month-old girl over bleeding on her brain.

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Public appointments to the Family Justice Council

Christina Blacklaws, John Daly, District Judge Gordon-Saker, and Dominic Raeside have been appointed as members of the Family Justice Council.

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Judge rules divorcing couples must be honest with each other

A business tycoon who lied about his wealth in a £1.8m divorce settlement has been told he may have to pay more after a judge ruled couples have a duty to tell each other the truth when striking deals.

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Theresa May to demand police improve domestic violence handling

The home secretary has said she will speak to Parliament about how police in England and Wales can improve the way they handle domestic violence.

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Hundreds of millions of pounds for children at risk under child maintenance reforms

More than £300 million in maintenance was collected for children from April to June this year, vital support which Gingerbread warns is at risk as the Child Support Agency prepares for closure.

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Child Support Agency quarterly summary statistics: June 2013

A statistical report providing figures on caseloads, enforcement, appeals, collections and outstanding arrears.

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Childhood Lost campaign calls for ASBO-style restrictions to protect children

Childhood Lost, the campaign led by Nicola Blackwood, the Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon MP and supported by charities, parents of victims, police officers, is calling for new restrictions on sex offenders who have not been convicted.

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Family living arrangements could be stored on chip in children’s passports in EU tug-of-love crackdown

Every family could be required to have details of their domestic arrangements stored on a chip in their children’s passport, under plans being considered by the European Commission.

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Medway children's care service 'inadequate'

Medway's service for children in care has been rated as inadequate in a report by the education watchdog.

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Ruling in 'toxic' hedge fund divorce sees wife paid £1,000

They were the husband and wife team who made a £200million fortune from the investment business they built together.

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Family judge criticises reliance on free representation

The president of the Family Division has criticised a legal aid regime that left a mother who faced jail reliant on her lawyers’ willingness to act for free.

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Another Russian divorce case cements London as divorce capital of the world

London’s status as the divorce capital of the world was enhanced by the news in July this year that Alexei Golubovich and Olga Mirimskaya have apparently issued proceedings in London’s High Court to deal with their English property, following their divorce in Russia last year.

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Michael Gove tells Doncaster Council to work with commissioner

A commissioner has been appointed to oversee the transfer of Doncaster's children's services to an independent trust.

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Adoptions in 2012 rise by nearly 10%

In 2012, the number of adoptions in England and Wales was 5,206, an increase of 9.8% since 2011 when there were 4,740 adoptions.

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Thousands of police officers to get special training in child protection following series of cases

More than 4,000 police officers are to be trained in specialist child protection following a series of abuse scandals.

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Families struggle as cost of child raising reaches £148,000

Families are struggling as the cost of bringing up a child has risen to £148,000, according to research for the Child Poverty Action Group.

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International workshop calls on governments to promote shared parenting

New organisation seeks to bring together the best evidence-based research on share parenting.

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Charging parents for care undermines social work and does not save money, councils find

At least three local authorities have stopped charging parents whose children go into care after finding the plans failed to deliver benefits.

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Full Judgment published in multi-million financial provision case

King J delivers withering criticism of Husband’s litigation misconduct and orders award worth £54 million to wife.

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Having siblings reduces chance of divorce, according to new research

Growing up with siblings may provide some protection against divorce as an adult, according to a new study.

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Court gives go-ahead for sterilisation of disabled man in legal first

A High Court judge has for the first time sanctioned the sterilisation of a man because it is “in his best interests”.

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Doncaster slams legal flaws in DfE plan to outsource children's services

The Government’s proposed model for children’s services in Doncaster has “considerable limitations and legal complications”, the local authority has warned.

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New mark to help separated parents choose the best support to work together in the interests of their children

Two charities, Relate and Family Live, are among the first organisations to be awarded a new mark for their work in helping support separated families.

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Government considers next authorities for Doncaster-style intervention

The government is considering taking failing children’s services out of local control at a handful of councils, local government children’s services chief David Simmonds has said.

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More councils look at care charges for parents

Further councils are considering introducing a controversial system of charging parents if their children are taken into care, CYP Now has learned.

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Job insecurity leaves marriage the preserve of middle-class couples - study

Marriage is becoming the preserve of middle-class couples as growing job insecurity leaves blue-collar workers reluctant to commit to long-term relationships, new research suggests.

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High workloads jeopardise care for vulnerable children

Heavy caseloads mean many independent reviewing officers (IROs) are unable to fulfill their potential to help children in care, a study has found.

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Forced marriages: School holidays prompt warning

Teachers, doctors and airport staff need to be alert to the problem of forced marriages over the school holidays, the government has warned.

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Latest Cafcass figures for private law and care applications published

Cafcass has issued figures for the number of private law applications and care applications received in July 2013.

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Court awards £54m to wife in biggest ever divorce payout

A divorced wife was today awarded £54 million by a judge — the biggest payout in a contested marriage split.

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Funding boost in search for adopters

Adoption charities in England are to be given an extra £16m to help tackle a backlog of children in care waiting for an adoptive family.

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Daughter taken from parents after social workers 'misunderstood' information

Social workers and police swooped on a family home and removed a gravely ill little girl from her loving parents' care, after what was termed by judge as a 'feeding frenzy' of misinformation.

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Marriage a secondary consideration for would-be parents, poll shows

Only a minority of young people who plan to start a family intend to get married first, a study shows.

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Research indicates women become much happier after divorce

Men feel ‘slightly happier’ after divorce, according to Kingston University project.

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Sikh woman asks court not to annul marriage to mentally disabled man

A woman who was subjected to an arranged marriage with a man who has severe mental disabilities begged a High Court judge not to annul the union because it would consign her to permanent spinsterhood and ostracism by the Sikh community.

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Worcestershire unveils policy to charge parents of looked-after children

Parents could be forced to pay as much as £900-a-month if their children are taken into care, under plans announced by Worcestershire County Council.

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Woman with learning difficulties will be forcibly checked for possible cancer, judge rules

A woman with severe learning difficulties who has refused to undergo medical examinations for a possible cancer of the uterus will be sedated and forcibly treated, a High Court judge ruled today.

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‘Silver’ divorces show marked increase since the 1990s

Divorce statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics show that the number of people getting divorced each year has been falling steadily since the mid-1990s. However, the number of people aged 60 and over divorcing has been rising during this period.

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Somerset child protection services rated inadequate

Child protection services in Somerset have been given the lowest rating of inadequate by Ofsted.

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Doncaster takeover ‘could damage children’s services’

The government’s plans to take Doncaster's children’s social care out of council control could harm service improvement, experts have suggested.

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Court endorses guidance for local authorities where one parent murders the other

Mrs Justice Theis has endorsed the guidance given by Mrs Justice Hogg, in Re A and B [2010] EWHC 3824 (Fam), in cases where one parent murders the other.

Full story: Family Law Week

Mother rescues abducted daughter in SAS-style mission

A mother whose daughter was abducted and taken to Egypt by her father has rescued the toddler after disguising herself with a burka and snatching her off the street.

Full story: The Telegraph

Health and social care staff must look out for signs of domestic violence

New draft guidance on identifying and preventing domestic violence and abuse (including psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse) between family members or between people who are (or who have been) intimate partners has been published by the National institute for Health and Care Excellence.

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Children’s services head urged to quit over failure to stop abuse and murder of Daniel Pelka, as mother and partner await sentence

The head of the children’s services department accused of failing to prevent the death of the four-year-old schoolboy Daniel Pelka was still in his job last night despite growing calls for him to stand down.

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Quickie celebrity divorces are unrealistic for the rest of us, warns Law Society

Celebrity divorces are giving ordinary couples an unrealistic view on what to expect when separating, warns the Law Society.

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Serious case review to examine failures in Daniel Pelka case

A serious case review into the death of Daniel Pelka is investigating whether authorities missed opportunities to protect the child, who died after a campaign of abuse by his mother and her partner.

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Privy Council hears appeal in financial relief case which has been running for sixteen years

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has given judgment in an appeal from the Court of Appeal in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Bill introduced into the House of Lords

The Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Bill was introduced into the House of Lords on 30 July 2013. It is due to receive its second reading on the 22nd October 2013.

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Access to District Judge of the Day to be reformed

The Senior Designated Family Judge for London, His Honour Judge Altman, has announced that HM Courts & Tribunal Service will no longer be able to allocate a District Judge of the Day on a daily basis.

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Court asked to sterilise man with learning difficulties

In a ground-breaking case, the Court of Protection has been asked to decide whether it would be in the 36-year-old's best interests for him to have a vasectomy.

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Liverpool City Council 'owed carer £10,000 in allowances'

A review of foster carer payments in England has been urged after it emerged more than 300 Merseyside carers have been underpaid for years.

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