Guidance on court-authorised interventions during childbirth

Mr Justice Keehan has handed down judgment in An NHS Trust and Anor v FG (By Her Litigation Friend, the Official Solicitor).

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Legal Aid Agency announces family mediation tender

The Legal Aid Agency has published information for legal aid providers interested in applying to deliver family mediation from February 2015.

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Child Support Agency sees live caseload gradually decreasing

Percentage of parents contributing to current maintenance continues to rise.

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Couple petition minister over civil partnership conversion regulations

Dissatisfaction expressed at the bureaucratic nature of the ceremony.

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Rotherham – the report and responses

The independent review into child exploitation in Rotherham highlights a variety of historic and serious child protection failings within the authority and other agencies which led to young people not being protected in the past.

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Standard Fees tables published

Tables for care and supervision proceedings, and domestic violence, children and finance proceedings.

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Four family law applications for exceptional case funding have been granted between April and June 2014

The Ministry of Justice has released statistics concerning exceptional case funding in legal aid. The period covered is 1 April 2014 to 30 June 2014.

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The Children and Families Act 2014 (Transitional and Saving Provisions) (No. 2) Order 2014

This Order makes transitional provisions in connection with the coming into force on 1st September 2014 of provisions in Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Statutory Instrument

Child protection IT system set for launch

An IT system that will help child protection and health professionals share information about children at risk of abuse and neglect will launch imminently, the Department of Health has confirmed.

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Divorce getting more unfair because of poker effect – lawyer

Family lawyer warns cost of divorce forcing financially weaker parties – usually the wife – to ‘fold’ early and accept unfair settlements.

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Warring parents exploiting middle class school places fears in summer divorce battles

Parents targeting summer holidays to force through changes in divorce settlements by exploiting fears over school places, lawyers say.

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1,409 same-gender marriages between 29 March and 30 June 2014

ONS publishes first same-gender marriage statistics.

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Children in care total rises 12% in four years

Figures show more than 68,000 taken in by social services, with 42,000 having suffered abuse or neglect.

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What’s happened since the Family Justice Review: a brighter future for family justice

This update from the government, along with a guide written for young people, sets out the progress made since the family justice review was published in 2011.

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More free mediation sessions for separating couples

Couples should avoid confrontational courtroom battles and use mediation as more free sessions will be funded by Government, Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes has announced.

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Domestic abuse crime considered by ministers

A new crime of domestic abuse could be created under plans being considered by ministers.

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Councils do not know extent of child neglect in their area

Sixty percent of English local authorities do not know how many children in their area are likely to suffer from neglect, according to new research.

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Number of adoptions increases

The number of children placed for adoption has risen by 14 per cent over the last year, according to latest government figures.

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David Cameron says policies must pass 'family test'

All government policies will have to pass a "family test", David Cameron is expected to say in a speech later.

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MFPA 1984 section 13 applications should be heard at local family courts

Holman J questions why applications cannot be heard by district judges.

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Death us do part: how the prospect of dying is fuelling silver splitter divorces

Disputes about burial plans and legacies driving older couples to divorce courts, say lawyers.

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Child maintenance enforcement fees will hit vulnerable families hardest, says Resolution

New report from Gingerbread highlights financial struggle for working single parents.

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Family lawyers sound alarm on separating parents

Separating parents are giving up on the courts and may take the law into their own hands in trying to see their children, family lawyers have warned.

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Family Court - Draft Standard Orders

Here, we have all the draft standard orders released to date in one place for ease of reference and will continually update this page with breaking news on the orders project.

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Social workers pulled from casework to clear backlog in deprivation of liberty referrals

Warning that scramble for BIAs to cope with surge in referrals in wake of court ruling risks depleting social work teams.

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Interim Report of the Children and Vulnerable Witnesses Working Group

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has circulated the Report of the Financial Remedies Working Group for consultation, discussion and comment.

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Report of the Financial Remedies Working Group

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has circulated the Report of the Financial Remedies Working Group for consultation, discussion and comment.

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Care applications in July 2014

In July 2014, Cafcass received a total of 1,013 applications. This figure represents a 16% increase compared to those received in July 2013. The number of new applications received in July 2014 is the highest ever recorded for a single month.

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Cafcass private law demand

In July 2014, Cafcass received a total of 2,928 new private law cases. This is a 36% decrease on July 2013 levels.

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Family judge criticises NQSW for “unacceptable delays” in complex fostering case

Court blames inadequate care proceedings on a "chronic lack of effective supervision" by Surrey County Council.

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Cambridge university academic must return boy to Japan

A Cambridge University academic has been ordered to return her seven-year-old son to his father in Japan, a family court has ruled.

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New child maintenance charges will ‘take money from children’

New charges that begin today (Monday 11 August) for both parents using the government’s new Child Maintenance Service will take vital money from children, warns single parent family charity Gingerbread.

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New child maintenance system fit for the 21st century starts today

The last of a series of radical changes to the child maintenance system is implemented today (11 August 2014).

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Staying Put funds allocated to English local authorities

The Department for Education has allocated the first year of additional funding for Staying Put provision to local authorities in England, with further information on the subsequent two years of funding due to be released in February 2015.

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Social enterprise pioneers new divorce support panel

Community Interest Company, OnlyMums and Only Dads has just launched a pioneering service for families going through separation or divorce called The Family Law Panel.

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Inadequate UK asylum support pushing children into poverty, says The Children’s Society

Time running out for government to re-assess support rates for asylum seekers.

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Changes needed on exceptional funding, say Chairs of Resolution and FLBA

Jo Edwards and Susan Jacklin QC assess impact of recent family justice changes.

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Reports of UAE expats ‘liable to Sharia law’ are misleading, says local family lawyer

Importance of understanding UAE laws stressed.

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President sets out how the Court of Protection should handle deprivation of liberty applications

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, has today handed down the long-awaited post-Cheshire ruling, setting out how the Court of Protection should handle deprivation of liberty applications.

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Man jailed for breaching domestic violence protection order

A 32-year-old man from Stevenage has been jailed for seven weeks for breaching a domestic violence protection order.

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Top judge authorises court to cover legal aid in challenge to government

Sir James Munby directs court service to pay for lawyers the Legal Aid Agency refused to provide to ensure justice is done.

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Britons 'liable to Sharia divorces' in UAE

The Foreign Office has warned expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates they could face Sharia courts in divorce or child custody cases.

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High Court rules hospital can move autistic girl 230 miles away from home

The High Court has ruled that a 20-year-old girl with a diagnosis of a learning disability and autistic spectrum disorder currently detained in a Swansea hospital can be moved to a new placement over five-hours-drive away.

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Family lawyers face £100m legal aid shortfall

Over 1,200 high street law firms offering legal aid family services could face a £100 million shortfall in fees as publicly funded cases work their way through the family justice system without replacement.

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Domestic violence refuge provision at crisis point, warn charities

Women's groups say broadscale closure of safe houses putting support for some of most vulnerable people back 40 years.

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Calls for clearer surrogacy rules after Thai Down's case

Surrogacy campaigners have called for clearer regulation after a Thai woman was left with a Down's syndrome baby when his parents refused to take him.

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Parents accused of 'emotionally harming' child by not naming him, win right to appeal

A couple from Hertfordshire who had their five-month-old baby taken off them because they refused to name him, have won the right to appeal the decision.

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Blueprint for future of child and family social work unveiled

Chief Social Worker for Children unveils the knowledge and skills statement, a new blueprint for the future training of social workers.

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Quality of serious case reviews blasted by independent panel

The quality of child death reviews are “disturbingly variable” with far too many failing to find out what went wrong, a damning report by a government appointed panel has found.

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Mrs Justice King appointed to the Court of Appeal

Mrs Justice King has been appointed to the Court of Appeal. The appointment will take effect from this autumn.

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Court refers just 2 per cent of parties to mediation

Family lawyers should be 'incentivised' by government to refer clients to mediation.

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