Concern as Ofsted ceases regulation of outsourced social work

The children's sector has criticised the government’s continuing drive to outsource children’s social care after Ofsted this week ceased regulation of third-party providers.

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Four out of ten divorce petitions flawed

Solicitors are being urged to check divorce petitions after it emerged that 40% have to be returned to them for correction owing to errors.

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Government uses Queen’s speech to advance jail plans for social workers

Police and criminal justice bill will introduce criminal offence of wilful neglect for professionals who fail to act on child protection concerns.

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Crackdown on pension payout loophole will mean bitter divorcees can't steal ex-spouses' pots

The Government says it could amend new pension rules to stop bitter divorcees exploiting a loophole to leave exes penniless.

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Father forced to fight hospital in courts to keep son alive spends funeral cash on lawyers

Man uses money for teenage son's funeral to pay for lawyers to argue at Court of Protection doctors should continue giving him chemotherapy.

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New measures to end delay for children awaiting adoption

Next week’s Queen’s Speech to outline further improvements to the adoption system.

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Indoctrinated son 'troubled’ by mother’s religion is put into care

It was feared that the seven-year-old boy's mother, a Jehovah’s Witness, was causing him emotional harm by 'immersing' him in her beliefs.

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Ex-bouncer McKenzie friend banned after calling lawyer a 'lying slag'

A former nightclub bouncer turned McKenzie friend who called an opponent a ‘fucking lying slag’ has been banned indefinitely from representing anyone in court.

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Court of Appeal allows Lord Chancellor’s appeal against order that HMCTS should fund father’s legal fees

Association of Lawyers for Children and Coram Children’s Legal Centre intervene.

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The Association of Lawyers for Children and Coram Children’s Legal Centre intervene in Court of Appeal case of Re K-H (Children)

Judgment in the appeal case of Re K-H (Children) [2015] EWCA Civ 543 has been handed down by the Court of Appeal.

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Alistair MacDonald QC appointed to the High Court bench

Alistair MacDonald QC has been appointed a Justice of the High Court with effect from 2 June 2015  and will be assigned to the Family Division.

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More babies with 'special guardianship orders' as adoptions fall

The number of babies being made subject to special guardianship orders in England has tripled in two years, according to data obtained by the BBC.

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Court approves caesarean for mentally-ill woman

Doctors can perform a caesarean section on a mentally-ill woman who is in the latter stages of pregnancy without her consent, a judge has ruled.

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Men experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence linked with increase in mental health problems

Men visiting their GP with symptoms of anxiety or depression are more likely to have experienced or carried out some form of behaviour linked to domestic violence and abuse, according to a new University of Bristol study.

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Reviewing legal aid: Key issues for the 2015 Parliament

House of Commons Library researchers have prepared a briefing on legal aid for Members of the new Parliament in 2015, stating that pressure for government action to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable is likely to continue.

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MIAMs aren’t a guaranteed deal-maker, Resolution tells Lord Neuberger

Respondents to family law organisation's survey finds small proportion of mediations result in a settlement.

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Unregistered surrogate-born children creating 'legal timebomb', judge warns

Children born through surrogacy who lack a court’s parental order could become ‘stateless and parentless’ with birth mother remaining legal parent, says Theis.

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'First wives club’ fights for justice from the divorce courts

A group of women, led by Michelle Young, who feel the divorce courts have left them short-changed have joined forces to help others in their position.

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Men-only divorce law firm for fathers feeling let down by family courts to open in London

Family law companies with all male client lists have grown in popularity as fathers and husbands worry women are more likely to get a better deal.

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Cafcass private law demand

In April 2015, Cafcass received a total of 2,942 new private law cases.  This is an 8% decrease on April 2014 levels.

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April care demand statistics and rates of application breakdown by local authority

Statistics released today by Cafcass, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, show that in April 2015 Cafcass received a total of 946 care applications, representing a 18% increase when compared to figures from April 2014.

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Judge urges divorcing couple to end 'awful' court fight and reach settlement

Mr Justice Holman, due to start analysing evidence in multi-million pound separation case, tells Ekaterina and Richard Fields battle is ‘unedifying’.

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Adoption rates in freefall after court ruling leaves children languishing in unsuitable homes

The number of children being put forward for adoption has plummeted over the past year following a series of court rulings that have left local authorities frightened of removing them from birth families.

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Deprivation of liberty safeguards caseloads rose ten-fold in year after Supreme Court ruling

Figures indicate councils are running up backlogs of cases as less than half of applications have been completed.

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Return proceedings lasting 13 months breach father’s Article 8 rights

The European Court of Human Rights has decided that the excessive duration of proceedings in the Romanian courts concerning the return of a child to Argentina breached the father's rights under Art 8 of the ECHR.

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Divorcees with pension earmarking orders may need to act to protect benefits

Pension reforms may have unintended consequence for divorcees.

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Court reserves judgment in mother’s claim to bear daughter’s child

A mother has launched a judicial review challenge to the refusal by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Agency to permit her to have her dead daughter's frozen eggs, so that she can carry her own grandchild.

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Court of Appeal upholds ‘rare’ successful Barder appeal

The Court of Appeal has upheld a wife's appeal on the basis that her former husband's inheritance was a Barder event which invalidated the foundation upon which a consent order had been made.

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Judge blasts warring parents for damaging young sons

Family court judge says while each parent is devoted to their sons, the boys are “the most unfortunate children” because the estranged couple are unable to contain their hatred for each other.

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Delays in Court of Protection 'readily tolerated' - Munby

The president of the Family Division has bemoaned what he called ‘systemic failures’ in Court of Protection procedures causing cases to take years to reach full hearing.

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Surrogacy battle: time to review the law, say lawyers

Bitter battle between mother and gay couple exposes lack of proper legal framework for surrogacy deals in Britain, warns judge.

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Surrogate mother launched hate campaign against baby's gay father

High Court hears mother carried out a malign campaign to discredit the father and his partner, despite saying she was willing to carry his child.

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Labour pledges to roll back obstacles to legal aid for victims of domestic abuse

Announcement coincides with calls from former judges and senior lawyers to restore access to funding to prevent ‘widespread miscarriages of justice’.

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Leading adoption charity calls for the £19.3m Adoption Support Fund to be extended to children under special guardianship and children adopted internationally

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering welcomes the £19.3m Adoption Support Fund, which goes live today in England, and announces a range of new services to help social workers and adoptive parents make the most of the funding.

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