Divorce party hit for £334k costs after ‘blatant dishonesty’

A High Court judge has made clear that his costs judgment against a dishonest party should act as a deterrent to others considering deceiving the court.

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High Court judge praises social worker’s ‘outstanding contribution’ to radicalisation case

A high court judge has praised a social worker’s handling of  a case in which a 16-year-old girl attempted to fly to Syria to join ISIS after being “fully radicalised”.

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Businessman wins divorce spat over vintage cars worth £20 million

The man's estranged wife laid claim to some of the 35 cars which included a 1928 Bentley racer and a Ferrari worth more than £5 million.

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Resolution invites members to participate in research into no fault divorce

Study should inform debate as to how the law might be reformed.

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40% decrease in number of children waiting to be placed with adopters

Average period between entering care and placement falls from 656 to 594 days.

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Woman made foster daughter kneel in scalding water

Judge at private hearing in Blackpool family court says foster parents, who made racist comments when giving evidence, had treated girl with ‘cold contempt’.

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Family justice review: special guardianship orders

Research on the effect of the family justice review on the use of special guardianship orders (SGOs).

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Family justice review: the effect on local authorities

Research on the effect of the revised public law outline (PLO) on the practice and processes of 6 local authorities.

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Long-term separated parents: developing support to encourage child maintenance arrangements

This report explores barriers to child maintenance arrangements for long-term separated parents and related support interventions.

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Rise in divorce cases signals mediation failure

A continuing rise in the number of new private law cases could signal that not enough divorcing couples are being channelled towards mediation, family law organisation Resolution has said.

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Oil trader given jail term over divorce dispute

An oil trader has been given a 21-month jail term by a High Court judge who concluded that he had broken promises after agreeing to pay millions of pounds to his former wife following the breakdown of their marriage.

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New £3.2 million domestic abuse fund now open

Local authorities can now bid for a share of a new fund to support the victims of domestic abuse.

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Child whose parents played too many video games 'removed from family home'

Social Services said to have believed their obsession with gaming amounted to neglect.

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Jail for ‘professional’ McKenzie Friend who defrauded clients of thousands of pounds

A ‘professional’ McKenzie Friend who targeted people unable to claim legal aid and then defrauded them of thousands of pounds has been jailed for three years.

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Court of Appeal re-states approach to implacable hostility cases

Father’s appeal is dismissed in 'tragic outcome'.

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Supreme Court to consider 1996 Hague Convention appeal

J (A Child) (1996 Hague Convention) (Morocco) to be heard in November.

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Wealthy four times more likely to marry than the poor

Marriage is increasingly the preserve of the rich, with fewer couples from poorer backgrounds tying the knot, new figures show.

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Big rise in over 18s staying at home with foster families

A record number of vulnerable young people are choosing to stay with their foster parents past their 18th birthdays, official figures suggest.

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Judge dismisses LIP's bid to get solicitor jailed

A litigant in person has failed with an attempt to have a solicitor acting for his ex-partner sent to prison.

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Bethnal Green pupil's passport to be held over 'risk of travelling to join Isis'

Court official to take document of unnamed girl, 16, believed to be close friend of four pupils from academy that have already left UK to join Islamic State in Syria.

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Circuit judge criticises LAA for lack of help

The Legal Aid Agency has been criticised for its unhelpful cooperation in determining who should bear the cost of translating documents during court proceedings.

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Grandparents take to the courts in droves to assume parental control

Last four years has seen an almost 50 per cent increase in the use of Special Guardianship Orders.

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Father seeks to challenge FGM protection order

Counsel says that a port alert may prevent him putting his case.

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Similar midlife health outcomes for those in married and non-marital cohabiting relationships

Women who marry in late 20s or early 30s have best health in midlife.

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Ofsted publishes ‘state of the nation’ statistical picture of children’s social care provision

Ofsted has published data for children's social care in England 2015.

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B&Bs never suitable accommodation for homeless children and young people, Ombudsman warns

Bed and breakfast accommodation is not suitable to house young homeless people – even in an emergency – the Local Government Ombudsman is reiterating.

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Diplomat shunned daughter and 'threatened to kill' grandchild

Case brought by local authority after young mother taken into care after being harassed by her father – an envoy from an unnamed Commonwealth country.

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Latvian child must be adopted in the UK, judge rules

A Latvian girl should be adopted in the UK, despite objections from her mother and the Latvian authorities, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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Enforce family court orders but don’t jail debtors – Society

The Law Society has called for simpler procedures to enforce family financial orders and said creditors should be armed with more information.

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Care applications in July 2015

In July 2015, Cafcass received a total of 1,111 care applications.  This figure represents a 9% increase compared to those received in July 2014.

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Cafcass private law demand

In July 2015, Cafcass received a total of 3,554 new private law cases.  This is a 23% increase on July 2014 levels.

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Adopted girl wins right to return to biological family after abuse

‘Highly exceptional’ ruling allows 14-year-old who was abused by adoptive couple’s relatives to revert to legal status of birth family.

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Mediation service sees calls to its helpline double in past year

Staff at National Family Mediation have seen the number of calls to their telephone helpline more than double in the past year.

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Kid’s Company closure raises concerns over children’s charities more generally

The Observer reports that other charities supporting vulnerable children are on the verge of closure in the wake of the demise of Kid's Company and BAAF.

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Judicial review of councils’ compliance with Children Act s 22C(5) placement duties to be heard

Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers granted permission.

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More divorcing couples turning to mediation, provider says

More couples seeking a divorce are turning to mediation, according to the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales.

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Local authorities’ assessment of children in need has improved

Children and families 'receiving the right help and support at the right time' more often.

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Court of Appeal rejects ‘gender based assumptions’ in leave to removal appeal

In a judgment issued today the Court of Appeal has distanced itself from, what some have described as, an antiquated and gender discriminatory approach to leave to remove cases that has inadvertently been adopted since Payne v Payne [2001] 1 FLR 1052.

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Mother could lose thousands of pounds in divorce case after wooden spoon 'incident' with teenage daughter

A mother could lose thousands of pounds in a divorce case after she was prosecuted over an 'incident' involving a wooden spoon and her teenage daughter, the High Court heard.

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Judges considering fate of children as young as two amid radicalisation fears

Counter-terrorism officer says cases involving 12 families had been prompted by indoctrination concerns or fears children could be taken to Isis strongholds.

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards caseloads reach record level

Councils breaching legal timescales for Dols assessments in large number of cases, official figures show.

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Social work delays can put children at risk, says Ofsted

Vulnerable children in England could be at risk because of delays in social workers' assessments of the care they need, Ofsted has said in a report.

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New standards unveiled for children and family social workers

Isabelle Trowler, the Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, has announced a new set of standards for senior social work supervisors and leaders of child and family social workers.

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Social worker's report may as well have been in foreign language, Judge says

A judge has expressed fury over the lack of plain English in a report by a social worker in a family court case - warning that the failings are more than 'linguistic pedantry'.

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British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) closes with immediate effect

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering has announced that it has closed and that some of its functions have transferred to children's charity and adoption and fostering agency, Coram, and to a new entity, CoramBAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy.

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Adopted boy taken off white couple to grow up with black aunt he had never met

Judge removed child from white parents to grow up with black aunt he had never met.

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