Great Ormond Street Hospital -v- Yates and Gard

UKSC to hear arguments on permission to appeal in Charlie Gard case on 8 June.

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Supreme Court hears appeal on application of section 31, Matrimonial Cause Act 1973

Wife appeals from Court of Appeal judgment in Birch v Birch [2015] EWCA Civ 833.

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Mother asks court to permit doctors to cease care for ill daughter

Court of protection to consider case of woman in her 50s who has suffered from Huntington’s disease for over 20 years.

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Tories pledge new law over domestic violence directed at children

Theresa May says party has delivered ‘real steps towards tackling domestic violence’, but wants to go further.

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Charlie Gard doctors can stop providing life support, court rules

Appeal court judges back earlier ruling in case of nine-month-old boy whose parents wanted to take him to US for treatment.

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Teenager's parents made him think he was dying, says judge

In welfare case hearing at high court in London, sick boy’s parents are criticised for misreporting his medical symptoms.

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The impacts of abuse and neglect on children; and comparison of different placement options: Evidence review

The Department for Education has recently published an evidence review examining the effects of abuse and neglect on children, and whether different placement types affect their outcomes.

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Child Support Agency quarterly summary of statistics: March 2017

Statistics from the Child Support Agency on the 1993 and 2003 statutory child maintenance schemes.

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Information Commissioner finds against the MoJ

Ministry failed to respond to applicant's freedom of information request for family law data.

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Canada signs up to child protection & child support conventions

Now signatories to 1996 Child Protection and 2007 Child Support Conventions.

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Judge refuses to hear cases where alleged domestic abusers cross-examine complainants

Practice is ‘a stain on the reputation of our family justice system’, says Mr Justice Hayden.

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President calls for the de-linking of divorce and money claims

In his 17th View from the President's Chambers Sir James Munby  has called for a "complete de?linking – separation – of divorce and 'money', so that they are started and pursued by completely separate processes, albeit, of course, that the timeline for ancillary relief is determined by the progress of the divorce".

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Countries with reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders

The Official Solicitor's office has published an updated list of countries where parents can apply to enforce or change a child maintenance decision made in UK courts.

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Privy Council to hand down judgment in beneficial ownership case

On 25 May 2017 the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council will hand down judgment in Marr v Collie, an appeal from the Court of Appeal of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

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Norwich father urges judges to publish rulings on his decade-long family court battle which has cost him more than £500,000

A Norwich man has called on judges to reveal details of his decade-long family court battle with an ex-partner over access to their child.

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High Court ban on journalists naming woman in child protection case criticised

A former Liberal Democrat MP has raised concern after a High Court judge barred journalists from identifying a woman who has been remanded in custody as a result of social workers raising safety concerns about her three-year-old daughter.

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Judge blasts 'astonishing' £2.7m legal fees in millionaire's divorce battle

A multi-millionaire businessman and his wife have been criticised by the judge overseeing their divorce battle for paying an “astonishing” £2.7million to lawyers.

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The Fostering Network issues a call for under 35s to consider becoming foster carers

Leading fostering charity The Fostering Network is calling for more under 35s to consider becoming foster carers.

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Major rise in referrals of children affected by domestic abuse

The number of children affected by domestic violence has increased significantly, a child protection charity has said.

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16,900 children are benefiting from effective family-based child maintenance arrangements

The Department for Work and Pensions has published its latest report on children benefiting from effective family-based child maintenance arrangements after contacting the Child Maintenance Options service.

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Afghan boy found at Heathrow Airport 'should go to council care'

An Afghan boy found alone at Heathrow Airport must go into council care in England, the High Court has ruled.

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Woman married to millionaire for 23 months gets £4.25m payout after split

A woman who was married to a multi-millionaire more than 25 years her senior for 23 months has been given a £4.25 million payout by a family court judge.

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Councils face £2 billion funding gap to support vulnerable children by 2020

Resources are being increasingly spent on children and families at crisis point.

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Bar Council calls on next government to review LASPO

Risk of ‘two-tier justice’.

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7% decrease in new private law cases received by Cafcass in April compared with a year ago

3,219 cases received.

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Care applications to Cafcass in April fell by 16% compared with last year

Third fall in last six months.

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British wife wins £453m in court divorce battle with ex-trader husband

The award - which amounts to 41.5% of the couple's "marital assets" - could be the biggest made by a UK divorce court judge.

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Judge criticises council for acting unfairly in offering child for adoption

Essex County Council acted unfairly in offering a child for adoption while acting in a way that prevented the mother from applying to revoke the placement order, a High Court judge has ruled.

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Till debt do us part: divorce knocks more than £3,000 a year off expected retirement incomes

Divorcees planning to retire this year expect annual retirement incomes of up to 16 per cent, or £3,000, lower than those who have never divorced, and they are also more likely to be in debt, according to new research from Prudential.

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Judge criticises social worker’s ‘alarming ineptitude’ in care case

The judge found Barnet council missed chances to safeguard two children who were unnecessarily medicated and kept in wheelchairs.

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Supporting relationships makes economic sense, says relationship charities’ manifesto

The future government should do more to support healthy couple, co-parenting and family relationships to improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and make significant savings to the public purse. This is according to the Relationships Alliance 2017 Manifesto, launched in anticipation of the general election.

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Teenage boy given court care plan to stop him 'waging jihad' in Syria

Mr Justice Hayden approves care plan by Brighton & Hove council to stop 17-year-old following three of his brothers to Syria to fight.

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Judge condemns 'crazy' couple for spending £1.5m in £10m divorce battle

An estranged couple behind a firm that supplies towels and bathrobes to top hotels have ruffled a High Court judge by spending "crazy" amounts on lawyers during a divorce fight.

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Abuse victims 'failed by police and courts over online harassment'

Survey finds that restraining orders are often breached and half of respondents face vexatious court claims.

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Charity calls for 7,000 more foster families, particularly for teens and siblings

More than 7,000 new foster families are needed in the coming year to ensure that all children can be found the right foster home first time, according to leading fostering charity The Fostering Network at the start of this year’s Foster Care Fortnight (8–21 May).

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Brexit is important but it’s time to focus on a different divorce bill, charity urges

£48 billion annual family breakdown costs must be tackled, party leaders told.

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No 'judicial consent' needed for MI5 to quiz 'ward of court' teens, judge rules

MI5 agents and anti-terror police have been given the go-ahead to question teenagers placed under the control of family court judges as a result of radicalisation fears.

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Judge condemns laws as millionaire pays £7 a week in child support

New child support rules can lead to rich parents paying "pitiful" sums or nothing and should be reconsidered by ministers, a High Court judge has said.

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Resolution calls for pledges on family justice from party leaders ahead of General Election

Nigel Shepherd, National Chair of Resolution, has called on the major political parties to commit to modernising family justice in their manifesto.

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Father fails in human rights claim against council over contact and moral views

Cornwall Council did not breach the human rights of a father who claimed the local authority had prevented direct contact with his son due to his moral views.

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President’s guidance: Judicial Cooperation with Serious Case Reviews

Guidance issued by Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division on 2 May 2017.

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Child Maintenance Service inquiry report published

The Work and Pensions Committee Child Maintenance Service (CMS) inquiry was published today, following its launch in July 2016.

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Charlie Gard: Parents to appeal withdrawal of life support

Parents of a baby with a rare condition are appealing against a High Court decision to withdraw life support.

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Gingerbread welcomes Work and Pensions Select Committee findings on child maintenance

Gingerbread welcomes the findings in the Work and Pensions select committee’s new report on the failings of the current child maintenance system.

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Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Act 2017

On 27 April 2017, the Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Act 2017 received Royal Assent.

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Company directors accused of artificially cutting maintenance payments to ex-spouses by disguising incomes through corporate accounts

Company directors and entrepreneurs are artificially reducing their earnings by paying themselves in dividends to cut their maintenance payments to ex-spouses, MPs say today.

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