Domestic abuse victim to go into hiding as ex freed after six months

A woman who was left with life-changing injuries after being beaten by her ex-partner says she will go into hiding when he is released from prison after serving six months.

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UK’s top judge calls for donations to legal support charity

Lady Hale’s appeal for support likely to reignite controversy over cuts to legal aid.

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Judge voices concern after ‘highly-disturbed’ 11-year-old boy restrained by police

A High Court judge has voiced concern after a “slight” and “highly-disturbed” epileptic 11-year-old boy was handcuffed and placed in leg restraints by police for an “extended period”.

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Annual FGM statistics released

Local Government Association calls for renewal of National FGM Centre’s funding.

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Divorcee granted injunction against ex-husband's holding company

The High Court in England has granted an injunction against the holding company to which a wealthy Russian businessman transferred ownership of a luxury yacht in order to avoid enforcement of a £500 million divorce settlement, preventing the company from moving the yacht from where it is docked in Dubai.

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Judge orders special arrangements for girl’s Egypt trip amid FGM fears

A High Court judge has said special arrangements must be made to allow a two-year-old girl thought to be at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) to travel to Egypt.

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Separated migrant children to access legal aid more easily

Draft legislation amending LASPO laid.

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Robert Buckland QC appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

Robert Buckland QC MP was appointed as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice on 24 July 2019.

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Lord Reed appointed next President of Supreme Court

Three new Justices also appointed.

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President offers ‘profound thanks’ to all involved in the family justice system

The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has addressed a letter of 'profound' thanks to every judge, magistrate, HMCTS staff member, civil servant, CAFCASS officer, social work and lawyer involved in the Family Justice system and Court of Protection in England and Wales.

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Parents' bid to get daughter treated goes to High Court

A family's fight to take their ill daughter to Italy for treatment will be heard at the High Court in September.

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Rise in knives and blades found at London family courts

Thousands of knives and sharp objects are being confiscated annually at London family courts, with campaigners saying it showed how "desensitised" some people were to carrying weapons.

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Children’s services’ ‘fundamental lack of understanding’ of domestic abuse risks slammed by case review

Social workers involved with Gloucestershire couple where man later killed baby failed to explore criminal history or injuries to mother.

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Assessing risk of harm to children and parents in private law children cases

A public call for evidence on how the family courts protect children and parents in private law children cases concerning domestic abuse and other serious offences.

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Domestic abuse survivors invited to shape future of family court

Survivors of domestic abuse and other harmful conduct are being invited to share their experiences of how well the family courts protects them and their children in private family law proceedings.

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Judge highlights ‘serious procedural problem’ in efforts to prevent forced marriage

A High Court judge says guidance may be needed to solve a “serious procedural problem” related to efforts to prevent forced marriage.

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Woman wins right to late partner's military pension in landmark ruling

A woman has won the right to her late partner's military pension in a landmark ruling for unmarried couples.

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Judge decides woman has mental capacity to consent to sex with husband of 25 years

A judge has decided against ruling that a woman with learning difficulties is no longer able to consent to making love with her husband of more than 25 years.

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Domestic abuse report exposes hidden side of rural life

A "deeply hidden and disturbing side to rural life" has been laid bare by an 18-month inquiry into domestic abuse in the English countryside.

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Consultation in relation to the treatment of Calderbank offers when determining issues relating to costs

This consultation seeks views as to whether the Family Procedure Rule 2010 should be amended in relation to the treatment of Calderbank offers when determining issues relating to costs.

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Transgender man who gave birth loses high court privacy ruling

Guardian journalist loses right to anonymity in legal action seeking to be registered as father.

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“Landmark moment” as Domestic Abuse Bill introduced to Parliament

Domestic Abuse Bill to receive first reading in the House of Commons.

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Councils can investigate parents’ complaints without consent of minors

Ombudsman clarifies local authority’s obligation.

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Refuge awarded grant to run National Domestic Violence Helpline

Domestic abuse charity Refuge has been awarded a grant to operate a helpline to provide confidential advice for domestic abuse victims.

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Judge who approved abortion did not factor in vulnerable woman’s feelings

A judge who gave specialists permission to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman with learning disabilities did not pay enough heed to her feelings, appeal judges have said.

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Trend of falling care applications continues

Numbers of care applications have fallen again for the first quarter of this year, new figures show.

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Heterosexual couples may be allowed to convert marriages to civil unions

Ministers in England and Wales are considering how to extend civil partnerships.

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Hale risks political storm by questioning legislation before parliament

The president of the Supreme Court has taken the constitutionally unusual step of publicly criticising a bill that is making its way through parliament.

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Judge moves to protect sisters living in Africa after social workers raise concerns

A High Court judge in London has taken steps to protect two sisters living more than 4,000 miles away in Africa after social workers said they were at risk.

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Council admits unlawful practice in turning away homeless children from care

Essex County Council breaches duty under Children Act section 20.

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Social workers concerned about child confidentiality in family court reporting

BASW publishes response to draft guidance on reporting in the Family Courts.

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Court of Protection issues ruling in test case on appointment of personal welfare deputies

A Court of Protection judge has clarified the circumstances in which family members may become personal welfare deputies for people aged over 18, calling for the Code of Practice under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to be redrafted.

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Judge approves blood transfusion for gravely ill baby son of Jehovah’s witness

A High Court judge has ruled that a sick baby whose mother is a Jehovah’s Witness should have a blood transfusion.

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Henry VIII powers not appropriate: disagreement over divorce bill

Difference of opinion has emerged among family practitioners today over the government's bill seeking to make the divorce process less acrimonious, as MPs began taking a closer look at the proposed legislation.

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New good practice guide addresses shortfall in understanding of how to treat pensions on divorce

An essential guide to the treatment of pensions on divorce has been published today by the Pension Advisory Group. The long awaited report brings guidance to family judges, lawyers and pension experts encouraging fairer settlements and helping to manage liability.

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