Baby P’s mother to remain in jail following latest review by Parole Board

The mother of Baby P, who died after months of abuse, should stay in jail, the Parole Board has decided.

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Domestic abuse survivors twice at risk of long-term illnesses

Study by the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick published.

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Transparency order templates

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary has published the following templates for the benefit of the judges and practitioners who will be making the template orders.

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Police mailbox for family court protection orders abandoned

A mailbox set up to inform police of protection orders made against forced marriage and female genital mutilation was abandoned after a year due to a lack of resources.

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Family Law Week Weekly Podcast Episode 5

Rachel Cooper of Coram Chambers is joined this week by Anarkali Musgrave.

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140 children’s organisations urge political leaders to solve social problems that leave children ‘scarred for life’

Over 140 children's organisations have called on political leaders to set out their solutions to the social problems that "can leave millions of children scarred for life, including child poverty, mental health, domestic abuse and serious youth violence".

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European Parliament adopts resolution assessing the many challenges children and youth face

Following the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution, assessing the many challenges that children and youth face today.

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